This 4-story office building is facing North San Diego Harbor in Downtown San Diego area. Its parking needed repairs and an updated look.

Pressure Washing

After pressure washing, cement repairs and priming, the indoor walls were painted 2 coats of pure white color in flat sheen. It was supplied by Sherwin-Williams paint. Bottom section of pillars were painted high gloss white to remedy tire mark issue.

Cement Block Sample Colors

As an accent color for the outdoor section of the parking, the owner selected Dunn-Edwards vibrant “Iron Ore” color in eggshell sheen. It was chosen out of 3 color samples we had painted. The owner and tenants loved this vibrant color!

Stucco Color Matching

We also painted a section of atrium stucco wall that was partially painted in a mis-matched dark brown color. Thanks to Phillip, a Dunn-Edwards paint specialist who stopped by to scan the stucco color. The outcome was amazing.

Extras as bonus

As a thank you gift we did the following items:

  • Painting three glossy red stripes on pillars for more visibility.
  • Painting the yellow ground platform.
  • Removing entrance overlapping arrows.
  • Painting 4 white arrows with vinyl paint.
  • Painting 5 red metal posts with high gloss alkyd paint.

This multi-step commercial painting project was successful as the owner was very satisfied.