Residential Exterior Painting

A vibrant new coat of paint will enhance your home’s curbside appeal. Beautify Houses can give your home an appealing, updated appearance, whether you decide to have your entire exterior painted or you just want to freshen up your trim. Just call us and we can discuss how to make your home look its best.

We’re expert painters. We take pride in our meticulous work. And you can always expect a clean, professionally-run worksite when we’re on the job.

Exterior Services

  • Siding
  • Stuccol
  • Trim (Including doors, windows, etc.)
  • Porches , Decks, Sheds
  • Garage (doors, floors, walls, etc.)
  • Fences (including staining and sealing when applicable)
  • Children’s playhouses
  • Concrete Pools

Exterior Process

  • Cover windows and landscaping.
  • Pressure-wash and/or hand-wash surfaces to be painted.
  • Repair damaged areas.
  • Scrape and sand to remove old paint.
  • Repair damaged areas.
  • Patch and caulk.
  • Prime with high quality primer for protection and bonding.
  • After your final approval of colors, paint exterior with exceptional-quality Dunn-Edwards or Sherwin-williams paint.